Much of the Department's reasearch are collaborative efforts and are typically associated with the Institute for Environmental Studies. Below is a listing of some of the research currently being conducted within the Department
or in conjunction with the Institute.

For further information please contact the faculty lead or lead researcher.



Prairie Barren Ecology /Living Roof Dr. Tony Burgess Website
  Wind Research Initiative- GIS Application to Spatial Variability of Mercury Deposition Tamie Morgan Website
Hg Toxic Pollutants and Heavy Metals, especially Mercury Dr. Leo Newland Website
Wind Research Initiative Becky Johnson, Socioeconomic Group Lead Website
Wind Wind Research Initiative-Air Dr. Mike Slattery, Lead Scientist Website
Sediment Budgeting-Trinity River, Texas Dr. Mike Slattery Website
Forest and Sediment Transport in Tropical Basins Dr. Mike Slattery Website


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